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0.0. Open the agent

Change the agent state to AUTO IN.

1.0. Place 2 inbound phone calls using WebRTC to make queue busy

  1. Open Chrome, go to the demo page at this link
  2. Click on Contact Us > Web Call
  3. A dialer dialog appears, click on the Call button to make a phone call, press 1 to go to the Billing queue.
  4. When the call is delivered to the agent, the agent picks up the phone.
  • Open MS Edge web browser, repeat the steps above to make another call.


Can use other softphones to make the phone calls.

2.0. Make 3rd phone call to 714.274.7421 to be offered FreedomQ

  1. When the queue threshold is over 1 minute, make a phone call to 714.274.7421 using your phone, the system will offer FreedomQ.
  2. When you hear FreedomQ prompt, follow the prompts to accept FQ.
  3. In the Web Application, navigate to Dashboard > FreedomQ Dashboard to watch the callback token.

3.0. Too early callback

  1. Make a phone call to number 714.274.7421
  2. The system will recognize you and tell you that it is not yet your turn.
  3. Hangup the phone call.

4.0. Auto callback

  1. Agent hangs up the first phone call, the second call will be delivered to the agent.
  2. The system will auto callback the callback phone number because it is its turn.

5.0. Missed callback

  1. If FreedomQ calls back the phone number and it is not answered, FreedomQ will record the call result as a "missed call" and will try to re-attempt.
  2. Make a phone call to number 714.274.7421, the system will recognize the missed call and transfer the call to a priority queue.

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